#InspoInterview with Anna Delia Caccamo: the best among the Petit Influencers ✨

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I am happy to inform you that you particularly liked this column, many of you have shown great interest and therefore let's continue with our #InspoInterviews

Today we decided to interview a very smart Italian petit web influencer, with a refined and elegant style, I present to you Anna Delia Caccamo !

M: Hi Anna Delia, welcome! Tell us about yourself and how your passion for the world of Fashion was born ✨

A: Hi everyone ! I'm Anna Delia , a young influencer of Calabrian origin who lives in Soverato . In addition to dedicating myself to fashion, as you can guess from my Instagram profile , I study Business Economics in Catanzaro!

My passion for fashion was born many years ago, between dolls and Barbie ! These were my sister's and my favorite models: together we had fun creating wedding dresses with very simple kitchen napkins! Without a doubt, my sister too, with her unique and always well-defined style, contributed to bringing me closer and closer to this world!
Much of the credit is also due to another great passion of mine: photography ! I have always been fascinated by photographing everything around me.
Until one fine day I decided to get involved so I started sharing my looks and my style on my Instagram profile , making sure that the outfits spoke about me and told me.
My style?! Well, I would definitely call it classic and elegant, sometimes particular, full of timeless and versatile garments. A style that goes beyond passing fads and that represents me 100%. A style that I would summarize with a simple hashtag : ' # tobemeAD '' , or rather a style that allows me to be myself !

M: a real creative, congratulations! Your passion is perfectly evident in your content, how can you be so good? Where do you get inspiration?

Thanks for the compliments, I'm so glad you enjoy my content! Behind every single content there is always a lot of research and a lot of study: from the location to the colours, from the look to the best pose!
I love leafing through fashion magazines to get inspiration from the shots of great photographers of the present and the past. Today it's even easier to find inspiration, thanks to platforms like Instagram and Pinterest : you can always discover new talents, whether they're photographers, influencers or models.
Among my sources of inspiration is Alex Rivière , a Spanish influencer with a refined and elegant style. I admire his shots, always so essential and particular at the same time.
Even if often, the most beautiful contents are born without following too many rules, in a completely spontaneous way! The merit is also (or perhaps almost all) of those who are behind the lens with great patience! (Girls you can understand me right?! The first shot is never our favorite!)


M: you are absolutely right! I know you are a huge fan of our bikinis and I am super honored by this. What are your favorite models?

Well can I say everyone?! They are wonderful! I admire the care with which they are created and made by Martina and all her great team!
I was lucky enough to meet them almost by chance and now I just can't do without them!
If I had to go too far, I would include Jade among my favourites! A very elegant and sexy bikini model in my opinion. I love the combination of the matte black faux leather fabric and the delicate and soft pink strap!

Of all the others, my favorite can only remain Selvaggia ! The bikini that I adored from the first moment I wore it. Very soft, infinitely elegant and perfect for every type of physique! Very slim figure! And it's also suitable for petites like me!!!

click here to see Selvaggia worn

M: I'm happy to hear you so excited about our costumes, you're really a lovely person! But now I'm curious to know how you would combine them!

Surely Selvaggia or Alba are two bikinis to absolutely have in your suitcase this summer! Perfect for a day at the beach full of style , but also ideal to wear as a top for different looks!
Selvaggia I would wear it under a linen suit made up of a shirt and shorts: the soft and slightly low-cut shirt lets you glimpse the particular top, making the whole outfit even more chic! All completed by a straw mini bag and comfortable slippers for long walks.
Alba, so elegant and sparkling, I would wear it with a satin midi skirt, a high-heeled jeweled sandal and a pochette. A perfect impact look for a special summer evening!

M: how original Anna Delia, really wonderful outfits! Which model would you take with you on a holiday in Tenerife?

On a holiday in Tenerife I would take them all, one for each day!!!! Having to choose one, without a doubt I would take Alba Coloring Sand with me! With just one bikini, I would be able to create striking looks both day and night, mixing it with other items and accessories.
I can already imagine the photo shoots on the beach, with the contrast between the blue of the crystal clear waters and the very bright color of Alba, really similar to that of the sand! Ah… how wonderful!

Also I could never give up Selvaggia , for the occasion I recreated different looks LOOK HERE!

M: thank you Anna Delia for all the precious style advice you are giving us, we will treasure it ❤️ Now let's move on to a topic that is particularly close to our hearts: bodypositivity and inclusion, what do you think about it?


I really admire how Martina and the Mavì bikini team aim for inclusiveness and bodypositivity . Nowadays these are relevant issues, which unfortunately are often underestimated.
Even as a Petite girl only 152 cm tall and often considered too thin or with few shapes, I had the opportunity to collide with the canons and prejudices of society. But no one should have the power to disrespect us or make us doubt ourselves. Precisely for this reason, every day we should learn to love ourselves more and more and be proud of who we are, beyond the standards that society imposes.

And Mavì Bikini, with its bikinis that truly enhance every physicality, gives us the possibility to feel even more beautiful and confident with all our shapes, more or less pronounced!
Seeing is believing!

M: thanks Anna Delia, you are a force of nature!

let us know which look proposed by Anna Delia you prefer through a comment below!

See you next #InspoInterview,

kisses 💋


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