#InspoInterview with Alessia Sia: Content Creator and trend expert!

Hello my dear #MavìLovers,

since the #Inspooutfits are having a particularly successful, I decided to open a new section called #InspoInterview where you can be inspired by the best influencers in order to always have fresh and trendy outfits when you wear Mavì swimsuits. I already know that you will go crazy!

The first interview is dedicated to a very special little person for us, who has followed and supported Mavì since the beginning. Talented, creative and with style to spare, she has always been by our side over the years, she was the first to become our brand ambassador, a truly exciting moment for us. I'm talking about Alessia Sia.

M: Hi Alessia and welcome to our new column #InspoInterviews. Tell us a little about yourself, what do you do? How was your passion for the world of fashion born?

A: Hi Martina, thank you for this opportunity. I am very happy to open this fantastic column with you. I have always had a great passion for the world of fashion. Since I was a child I loved wearing my grandmother's fur coats and my mother's heels that I secretly stole from their wardrobes. Growing up I learned to combine different colors and fabrics together, and what has always attracted me more than anything about fashion is the way some clothes can really make me feel different, more confident and more beautiful.

M: A fashion lover since childhood, very sweet! We at Mavì love your content, how can you be so good? Where do you get inspiration?

A: Before every photoshoot, I spend a lot of time on Pinterest or magazines like Vogue and Elle , where I look for inspiration on how to combine different fabrics and colors, so as to create more unique outfits but always related to my style. I remember as a teenager begging my father to buy me Vogue Italia magazine every month just to look at all the photos and study the matching garments. Instagram is also a great inspiration for me. The influencers I follow are all very hip and very talented at creating beautiful content with crazy transitions. Making beautiful transitions requires a lot of practice and patience but once the video is edited it is really worth it.

M: Your reels are always so creative, I love what you've done with model Jane in particular! What are your favorite Mavì models instead?

A: Thanks a lot! Then Jane and Amori are definitely my favorite models, because I love how they flatter my shapes. They are two completely different models, Jane is very sexy and wild , while Amori is very refined and elegant but both manage to highlight my body in the right places. My first love, however, is the Ortigia fantasy, both the one-piece swimsuit and the triangle because it represents Italian and Sicilian beauty and art.

M: thank you very much Alessia, for us it is important to have bikinis with a perfect fit and I am happy with the results we are obtaining. How would you combine them in your ideal outfit? Give us some style tips of your own!

A: I love that many of Mavì Bikini's designs are so beautiful and versatile that they can also be worn as a regular top. For example, I would combine the Jane model with sporty but very impactful trousers with a zebra or leopard pattern, a jacket with fringes , as they are used so much lately, a hat , high heels to slim the figure and a leather bag . Or for a beach look , I'd opt for a floral kimono, flip flops with a bit of heel, big hat (I never set foot on the beach without a hat!) and a big straw bag.

M: What creativity, I really think I too will be inspired by your #InspoOutfits! Our MavìLovers travel a lot and often ask us for ideas. On a holiday in Dubai, which Mavì swimsuit would you take with you and why?

A: For a holiday in Dubai I would wear Amori bandeau and briefs, because it would stand out so much in front of a luxury resort on Jumeirah Beach. Or I would wear Jade in cream, because it would be perfect for a photoshoot in the desert, paired with a long black skirt and a long slit on the side.

M: I'm already daydreaming, thanks Alessia! MavìBikini often talks about body positivity and inclusion, what do you think about it?

A: One of the reasons why I'm proud to be Mavì brand ambassador is precisely the attention this brand dedicates to body positivity. All Mavì bikini models are made to enhance the shape of the female body and to make us feel at our best , using soft and comfortable materials. Social media is a beautiful medium to build relationships with people from all over the world but it can become a dangerous platform especially for young women who dream of appearing as popular influencers who may be photoshoping and not being completely transparent about it. Many times it has happened to me and still happens to compare myself with other content creators, so I really appreciate Mavì Bikini's dedication on such important issues as that of inclusion , chapeau!

M: thank you so much for your beautiful words, you've been really great with your style tips!

and you #MavìLovers can ask questions or let us know what you think in the comments, Alessia and I will answer with great pleasure!

You kiss,

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