#InspoInterview with Clizia Leone: digital creator, fashion & beauty expert

Welcome to the third installment of #Inspointerviews ! The column on new trends and style tips , which allows you to always recreate new outfits with the smartest fashion experts on the Italian scene and beyond 💘

This time we proposed to Clizia Leone , to tell us about herself and to reveal some style gems. We were struck by her extreme kindness and sweetness , the professionalism and passion she puts into her work but above all the respect she has for the brands she collaborates with, which may seem trivial but I can assure you that it is not. It's really a pleasure to deal with her 💖

Unlike many other colleagues (who often feel they have arrived, where I don't know) Clizia remains humble, despite her large following, always down to earth but with an innate creativity, elegance and passion for fashion that distinguishes her .

Chapeaux to this amazing girl with wonderful style.

Let's start with the first question:

M: Hi Clizia, tell us about yourself, what do you do? How was your passion for Fashion born?

C : Hi Martina, thank you for this interview. My passion has been handed down from my grandmother, a true fashionista! Do you think that he has always had a penchant for the most particular and trendy combinations.

Over the years I have learned more and more to mix garments also following the trends of the moment. This way I started giving my fashion tips on my IG channel.

M: the Fantastic! We love your content, you are so elegant and refined ☺️. Where do you get inspiration for your content? What app would you recommend to those who follow you?

C : Thank you very much for the compliment, for me it is very important to show this side of me on social networks. I definitely recommend the Pinterest app, it helps a lot when I want to revolutionize my look, or the IG itself. You can't imagine how many screenshots I have on my phone for the next Inspo outfits!

M: I'm super curious to see your next ideas! What are the MavìBikini models that have stolen your heart and why? Describe our brand in 5 adjectives:

C : The Jane model really stole my heart, it's really particular and at the same time super functional thanks to the fabric. Amazing but it doesn't absorb water!

I would certainly define the Mavì brand:

1. Versatile;

2. Fashionable;

3. Elegant;

4. Original;

5. Sensual!

M: thanks Clizia you are really kind! How would you combine our bikinis in your ideal outfit?

C : Without a doubt I would match the (A)Mori model with a linen suit, oversize shirt and visible bikini. I recreated the look on my profile, you can recreate it by looking here .

M: I love your reel it's super creative! On a holiday to the Aeolian Islands which swimsuit would you take with you and why?

C : Definitely the Alba model for a weekend in a location by the sea, to shine and make moments with your partner unique!

M: great idea! Now let's talk about something that is particularly dear to us or body positivity and inclusion, what do you think about it? What words of encouragement would you like to give to our readers?

C : I must say that I too have this issue at heart as there are often so many prejudices and judgments about it. Remember, however, that every body has its beauty, you just need to find out what your strengths are and make the most of them by obviously accepting your body 🫶🏻.

M: thank you Clizia, for dedicating your time to us and for spending wonderful words about us, giving us valuable advice and ending with a beautiful message.

Thanks also to those who have stopped to read our column, many already loyal, others new and eager to receive lots of advice.

Until next time,

Martina 💘

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