Inspo Selvaggia: the super versatile environmentally friendly costume 🌿

And who said that a swimsuit can't also be used as a key piece in your outfits? Sometimes a bikini makes all the difference!

Today I propose the Selvaggia model from the eco-sustainable collection of our Mavì Bikini brand. It is in fact made with recycled nylon fabric, using waste from the ocean. Furthermore, for each swimsuit from the wild collection purchased by our Mavì Lovers, we donate a part of the proceeds to a non-profit association that takes care of cleaning up the ocean. Every little help can make a difference 🌿.

Selvaggia was designed to be super versatile. In addition to being a must in the most beautiful outfits, it can be worn in infinite different ways. I'll show you how shortly.

In the meantime, I show you my outfit of the day with this beautiful perforated t-shirt, my army green cargo pants (very comfortable, never without them again) and the ever-present Selvaggia worn crosswise. As for the shoes, I wore Dr. Martens, but very comfortable white sneakers are also fine! 😜

Find the Selvaggia model here: https://mavibikini .com/collections/sustainable-collection

you kiss,

Martina 💫

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