Inspo Jane: the eco-leather swimsuit that respects the environment and gives your outfit a rock & sexy look!

The beautiful days are starting to be more and more numerous, the temperatures are rising and we can finally show off our spring/summer outfits everywhere.

The Jane swimsuit is a wonderful idea for those who want to add a touch of originality and sensuality to their outfits . Made with an eco-sustainable fabric, in total respect for the environment as we love to do, it will be a MUST in your wardrobe, truly unmissable!

Many of you are already loving it both for the sensual cut, but also for the faux leather effect fabric. Knowing that it's so versatile is the icing on the cake. How to be beautiful on so many occasions.
Here are some proposals, as I love to call them "sensual - rock" that will make you sensual but at the same time irrepressible. For a woman who knows what she wants 😎

Proposal 1 with the military green Jade bikini:

Proposal 2 with Jane Black :

Proposal 3 with Jane cream :

The Jade model goes very well with any type of Cargo , from the classic one to the satin one, then elegantly, jeans. The new trend of the moment!

And how would you combine it? Write it in the comments!
Good day,
kisses 💋

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