Inspo (A)mori: the sensual bikini to use in your daily outfits but also in the evening (yes, you read that right!)

How to make your beloved swimsuit a versatile garment that cannot be missing in your wardrobe!

We are well aware that to limit environmental damage it is necessary to buy with moderation and respect. This is exactly why we at #MavìBikini always know how to make our garments more versatile and exploitable than ever! We are very keen on limiting the environmental impact and we always take the front line to protect the environment.
In fact, the (A) mori model with its cups and high quality fabric is a garment that can be used on many occasions .
Here are some day and evening looks to inspire you:
Info 1
Inspo 2
Inspo 3
Info 4

Now it's my turn 😎

For example, I combined it in this way: white semi-transparent blouse, elegant black high-waisted trousers, earrings and necklace with gold, respecting my hardened spring color palette and obviously the model (A) mori under the shirt which plays the crucial part, that is, that peek-a-boo with a very sensual effect, never excessive or vulgar, indeed always intriguing and elegant . You can add a jacket on top if you want.
And how would you match the (A)mori model? Write it in the comments and inspire us too with your proposals, the more we are, the more we enjoy experimenting! After all, the beauty of having a community is being able to share ideas, support each other and always lend a hand, thanks for being part of the club too ;)
  • IG reel here (yes the background song is sung by me without any shame eheheh)

Little gem: the (A)mori model is also available in this super variant 🔥:

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